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Tutorhome.netis an online educational web portal and a social community for connecting the members (students, learners, knowledge seekers with the teachers, tutors, and the professionals) through various services that are available online. This is an official document which covers up the terms and conditions of the usage of this online web portal through the various services that it offers.

Before becoming a member, we would strongly recommend you to read all the Terms & Conditions and accept and agree to all of them. Kindly read all the links and the hyper linked terms because they do have various rules and regulations for different services that you select for.

  • Your registration as a member of the Tutorhome.netor using any of the features and the services of the Tutorhome.netwith registration or without registration, or even as a visitor constitutes the acceptance of the terms and the conditions automatically.

  • The Tutorhome.netholds and reserves the rights and authority for updating its terms and conditions and various notices without any notification to you. It is your own responsibility to check and keep yourself updated and review this agreement periodically for the latest version of the agreement.

  • The Tutorhome.netholds the rights and responsibility to change and modify the content of the web site at any time with or without notice.

  • By accessing the site of Tutorhome.netor using any of the services, content or the services, you accept and agree these terms and conditions of the services.

  • If you do not accept or agree to any of the terms and conditions of the Tutorhome.net, please do not register yourself and you will not be allowed to access the features and use the services. You will not be authorized for using any of the services rendered by the Tutorhome.net.

  • The Tutorhome.netacts only as an interface between the students/learners and the teachers/professionals/tutors and experts and it does not guarantee you for the learning and the outcome of the process. All the learning process that runs through the website, the Tutorhome.netshall have no responsibility for the liability of the users and members.

  • The thoughts and views that are expressed on the website do not belong to the Tutorhome.netand any issue in them belongs to the various contributors.

  • You agree that the Tutorhome.netis harmless, and the owners, shareholders, sponsors, or the employees against any issue and claim, through the use of this website.

  • It is your own responsibility to safeguard and protect your password that you use to access to this website and use its content and services. With the acceptance of the terms and the conditions, you agree that you would not disclose your password to any other user/person. You also agree that you are solely responsible for any changes and activities under your password.

  • You cannot use ay content from the Tutorhome.netfor any kind of publishing and marketing work without the permission from the Tutorhome.net.

  • The copyrights of the content and the views are reserved solely by the Tutorhome.net.

  • There are many forums and platforms that the Tutorhome.netoffers for its members and you can contribute and share your work and creativity. It should not be copied from any web or any other source and it should be your own. The members can express their views and thoughts through blogs and comments and also views without disobeying the rules that are given.

  • The content which is available in the Tutorhome.netwebsite is posted by its members and users. The Tutorhome.netwill take a step in order to probe for its authenticity.

  • The Tutorhome.netdoes not assure you for the information that are available in the website o be the most complete or accurate information that is available. The Tutorhome.netis not responsible for any inaccuracy or misinformation that is in the content posted on the website.

  • The reviews/comments/opinions/thoughts are of the users and the Tutorhome.netis not responsible for it in any way. The users might express their views regarding the professionals/teachers/tutors and the experts that are available in the Tutorhome.net.

  • All the information/content about the schools and the institutions that are posted in the Tutorhome.netare taken from the official web pages of the respective schools/colleges and institutions. Some are taken from the Google research and some are collected by calling up the school/college/institution directly.

  • The Tutorhome.netshould not be considered as the only guide for making any decision. The content used at the Tutorhome.netare for advertising and marketing and you should seek help from the advisor or the counselor for further help and information before making any decision.

  • The Tutorhome.netholds the right to delete the posts or block the access to the users of the Tutorhome.netand this may include the members too. Furthermore, the Tutorhome.netwill take a step to inform you of the same and state the reasons for the actions.

  • By uploading the logo at the Tutorhome.net, you give full rights and copyrights to the Tutorhome.netto use them for advertising and marketing in the same page or in the different pages.

  • While you are using the website and are using the services and features offered by the Tutorhome.net, you agree not to publish or post or comment or make review on the page that is harmful, discreet, defamatory, harassing, threatening, misleading, and abusive and it should not invade in any other user’s privacy.

  • With the usage of the web site you agree not to violate the rules and the laws, not to promote racism and also not to be against any religion and caste in the posts and the comments that you publish on the page.

  • By agreeing the terms you agree not to upload and post any content that you do not hold the copyrights of unless you get the permission from the Tutorhome.net. You agree not to upload or make available of the content which is a trademark of the user and is copyright reserved. With this you agree not to post and publish any irrelevant data or any inappropriate content on the page.

  • You agree NOT to collect the names and email addresses and use them for any misleading, misguiding, purposes or for advertisement or spam. They are strictly prohibited. Using the third party’s account and without their concern is not allowed. We are not responsible for any such actions. You are not allowed to modify and edit and decompile any software programs without the prior permission of the Tutorhome.net.

  • Unless we give permission, you are not allowed to make use of any of the content and the services from our website for your own benefit and advertisement and promotional events. Likewise, unless Tutorhome.netgrant permission you are not at all allowed to post the other’s products/services/features/website/links on Tutorhome.netfor the purpose of marketing and advertisement. If anything

  • The accessing or searching of the content and the services in the site with the use of any software or tool or the search engine is not allowed. Transferring viruses and any other harmful tools to the page or to any other intellectual property rights will not be entertained.

  • It is strictly prohibited to send chain letters and spam mails or junk mail or promotions and advertisement of the product and the services. The website is solely for the learners and the learned ones.

  • The Tutorhome.netmakes no warranty that the site and its content including the services will meet your requirement and will be error free. The quality of the services are not guaranteed by the Tutorhome.net

  • We reserve the right to block the spam account, delete a misleading account and close an inactive account.

  • You may seek help from our customer support in case of any issue or in case you would like to de-active your account. Or you can also email us at support@Tutorhome.net.

If you yourself get into any commercial transactions and personal relations to the third parties with the use of the Tutorhome.net, then you are solely responsible for the actions between you and the third party. The Tutorhome.netshall not have any liability or responsibility for such activities. You hereby release the Tutorhome.netfrom all the claims arising from such activities.


Sunrise TechnoSystems(PTY) LTD is the owner of Tutorhome.netand holds the rights and the ownership of all the features and the trademarks including the copyrights and all other intellectual property. Except for the content posted by the members, the Tutorhome.netreserves the copyrights and the ownership of the web site.

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